Your Clothing Store Marketing

Tips for Growing your Retail Store Business

Your Clothing Store Marketing

It was never easy to run an apparel store successfully with the ever-changing fashion trends and facing competition from other retail stores opening up on every corner of the street. But how you can be ahead of the competition and be successful? Let us provide you some guidance on how you can be successful in the business


Know your market.

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Basically, in any niche, when you’re planning to start a business, you need to know everything about the market.  It means you have to know how big your market is, how much revenue your industry generates, how your industry works, who are your competitors, how are they running their businesses and were they successful in doing so. Will you follow the existing methods? If not, how can you improvise to enhance your business? You should be aware of all this information.


How do you want to do business? (make a Business Plan)


How you want to do business?

Now, draft your business plan with all the collected metrics about your industry.  With a proper business plan, you can be successful with your store. Business plans are the foundation for any successful business, although they need to implemented practically. Your business plan includes where you need to set up your store, what you need to sell and how you need to sell it, how your competitors have done so far and were they successful, and how can you improvise on it.  The plan must also include revenue models, like how much you will need to spend on inventory and infrastructure. It must also include the channels you need to concentrate on.


Look out for sources for your business.

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Now that you have drafted your business plan, it’s time to look out for the sources. Look for the area you want to set your business up in, because the location of your store can be an added advantage to your business. Find suppliers and distributors for your products, because if you want to distribute it yourself, it will cost you extra resources both in terms of work and money. Instead, you can go choose to outsource distribution where you can work hassle-free and concentrate only on customer acquisition and product designing. However, if you don’t have any other choice, you will need to distribute yourself. Also, you need to be aware of product costs. From raw material costs to distribution costs and labor charges - you need to know everything so that you can control the prices of your products.


How do you want to promote your business?

After you're done with setting up a store, drafting a business plan and sorting out your resources, it’s time to promote your business/brand. It’s time to focus on customer acquisition. For this, there are two ways - you can either promote through online or offline mediums or both. But living in the digital era, where every brick and mortar store in every corner of the street has an online presence, there’s no way you can depend only on offline marketing efforts, because you won’t succeed.

 Promoting your cloth store

Everything’s good so far - you have set up your store and you're ready with all your business plans, revenue models, store resources and all that. You've even set up an online presence for your business and are promoting it. It is okay to successfully run your business where you meet your monthly goals.  But if isn't okay for you and you aren’t satisfied with the results, then you must stay ahead in the process - you need to think differently and uniquely. You need to stay fresh with your marketing ideas and strategies.

Let us give you some insights so that you can stay ahead of the curve and kill your competitors' business:


  1. Always try to be fresh and creative with your content/inventory.
  2. Sponsor local events.
  3. Having an online presence isn’t enough, you need to have a website for your business, which gives more authenticity.
  4. Leverage social media, especially Instagram and Pinterest, where you can showcase the products.
  5. Try Influence Marketing. Instead of going for high profile influencers (if you can’t afford them), you can also go with local influencers.
  6. Do proximity marketing.
  7. Be in touch with your regular customers. Collect their email IDs and send personalized emails to each of them offering special discounts or providing special privileges. Make use of free email campaigns if your customer base is very less.
  8. Try to send them the new inventory through emails/WhatsApp.
  9. Provide loyalty rewards to regular customers.
  10. Come up with discounts or offer sales depending on the physical location of the store, like offering regional festive sales.



More than often, in the clothing business, you need to follow the latest trends and keep up with them. In this fast-paced world, fashion changes at the same pace; all you need to do is follow up with trends and employ the right strategy. And when choosing the technology for your business, you need to be smart, because you can’t afford to lose a chunk of money on wrong inventory/infrastructure, especially if you’re a small business owner.

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