Key Steps To Building Your First Small Business Website

Creating a strong online presence for your business is the stairway to a successful online store

Key Steps To Building Your First Small Business Website

Building your first business website, is exciting and needs careful thought on how you want to project yourself and your business to the web world. A small business usually has the drawback of low or no investment when it comes to running a business online or having to go for digital product branding. It is very important to choose all the features and options before you start off making a website to showcase and brand your business on the net. Let us consider a few aspects when it comes to building your first business website.


Creating A Website

 Create a Website with Boomer

Choosing the right application to build a website is a major challenge. One should be smart enough to consider features that not only go into the making of the website, but also the aftermath, managing and updating the website feature. Consider the e-commerce aspect and the payment integrations. Also the annual expenditure that goes into having an own website are some of the aspects to be considered while creating a website builder app.

There are a hundred of apps out there and choosing one that can be a DIY without the need for coding or designing by techs’ would be an added advantage. Also by choosing one that has in-built features of the above aspects would be a God-sent. So be wise is all I can say in making your choice.


Decide the purpose of your website

 Purpose of the website

Before you start investing your time into making a business website, you should make a plan as to why you need a website in the first place. What is the purpose of having one? Are you going to use it to showcase your products and services for informational purposes, or does it have a bigger agenda. If you are planning to sell your products, services and consulting to potential customers and clients.

Depending on the purpose, you could, choose to have a simple website or an e-commerce platform.


Choose your web content

 Choose your content

Once you have determined the need and purpose for your website, now is the time to see what all goes into it. You could spare some time in writing about the description of your business, its history and about your company work culture, office locations, branches, your clientele, customer support, and things like that.


Also it would be innovative to choose, what all product images, product details and specifications, featured items, availability, pricing, discount options, coupons you are looking at to put on your website. The more informative your website is the, more potential customer traffic you will draw towards your business.


Choose a web host & domain

 Choose a web hosting and domain

Not just picking out products and history, but also your website name should ring a bell. Choosing a name for your website which will go with your business and its purposes. It is highly important to match your website name with your business for future branding.


Also make sure that you choose the right business app which will have an in-built web hosting option. This will take care of your website maintenance, downtime, SEO optimization, and social media sharing. These are very important aspects when it comes to keeping your website active and pull web traffic to your site.


Choose a template for your website

Choose a template for your website


Once you have all these factors sorted out, you have a fair idea in your mind, as to how you and your customers are going to view your website. This would be an ideal time to look at the website templates or the designs for each page on your website.


You could choose, what colors, images, font styles, videos, gallery pics, you want to put up on your website. Your website is the window to your business. So be a little patient in choosing your website theme.


Organize your website

 Organize your website

We are not just right there, unless you organize your web creation. Not just showcasing your products and services is important, but also, you need to make sure that your customers are able to make a purchase with the same ease as that of viewing your products. Make sure you choose an app builder, where you have the payment gateway as an inbuilt feature.


Also, make sure that your e-commerce software, has options which will help you set up, delivery charges, tax details, logistic settings and Cod, so your customers are happy to make purchases on your site.


  1.   Blog it

Website builder apps provide a lot of blogging options, choose one where you can, not just blog, but also can keep a journal of the blog, for future reference. You need to be able to interact with your customer through this medium. You can use the blog to post promotions, offers, festive offers, year end sale, and things like that.


  1.   E-Commerce

Once again, an important feature to be considered. Check if the app is offering an in-built service. This would be very beneficial, so that you need not have to register and pay additionally to a third party service in order to set up e-commerce on your website. The subscription fee should take care of it.


By choosing one that offers in-built services, they will also help you with logistics settings and payment gateways. All these are portrayed as third party features by most of the website builder applications. So make sure you are aware of this aspect.


  1.    E-Mail Account

Create an email account that goes with the name of your business for customer's easy understanding. It would be very easy to manage your business, if you choose a business email account for your registration purpose, and maintain separate email accounts for orders, customer queries and things like that. But to start with go with an email address which is more business centric. That way, it is easy to even tell your customers about it when you are speaking with them.


  1.   Online Marketing

Digital Marketing is the word for it. It is the easiest way and the most effective it reaching out across borders. You can reach out to millions of viewers with just a click. Make sure you add up as many social channels as possible to boost your publicity.


Digital marketing is the trend and can do wonders to your business and online presence. It is the only way to make customers and viewers click on your products which will improve your sales curve.


  1.   Online Store

Have a posh Catalog of your products to suit variety of people. Keep in mind people coming from different cultures to suit everybody’s tastes. Make your product catalog in such a way that it is easy to understand and also has a lot of traditional, trendy and at the same time cost effective products. This is the key to making huge sales. Online customers have a habit of checking out the prices listed on different sites about the same product. They would usually buy from the ones which is least expensive and has a faster and better delivery option.


Make your catalog unique to get grab the most sales for your products. The more attractive your catalog is the more viewers you have and can turn them into definite buys.


  1.    Live Chat

This is another important features of creating a website. You should have live chat options which are in-built so that you can be in touch with your customers when they need you. A live chat option is very useful as you can answer your customer’s questions then and there. You can turn an conversation into a selling point.


Make sure to choose all these features as in-built and within your reach to be successful in running your own online store.


These are some of the key features which go into the making of an Online Business. To be successful in running an online store, it is always wise to look into all the above aspects. Choose an easy to use app which provides ultimate features for your convenience.

Maintaining Quality


Always try to picture what you are going to hold in your hands. Which means, customers want to see the exact product as they view it on the website. It is always important to import exact images of your products rather than depictions. Once a customer gets used to the look and feel of your products, he is going to keep coming back for more onto your website. He is bound to do the rest of the marketing for you from his end.

See there is a lot of work to do? Don't panic. Technology has simplified everything.  Business owners across the globe have started using mobile apps to get the work done in minutes. Mobile apps like Boomer Marketing are great choice for small and medium scale business owners to get this work done in minutes.

You are now ready to start off your business website. So go on and make the most of this platform. Give your business the boost it deserves.

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