Key Features

Aspects that all Website Builders need

Key Features


With the wide range of website builders out in the digital world, how do you which one is the best for you? You need a website builder that provides you with all the features needed to start a productive and effective business. Boomer Marketing is a state of the art website builder made to provide the best ecommerce tools for your business.  

 Let’s take a look at the features that Boomer provides:


Website Powered


Boomer like other top rated websites, namely, Wix, Weebly, SquareSpace, is Website Powered. The word is determined not by the determined by the number of active websites, or the number of paying customers, but will give you an indication of its size instead. Boomer has an existing merchant reach of over a lakh by the time this term ends.


Design Assistant (Artificial Intelligence)


Boomer DA will automatically create the website layout and design as per the theme chosen. You can edit the theme as per your choice if you feel that the layout is not suiting your business needs. It will give your website a ready-made tailor look if you feel you don’t know how to go about creating the website. Unlike other website builders, you don’t need any design or programming knowledge to do it all. Boomer DA will take care of it for you.


Design Flexibility


Boomer unlike few website builders does not give the liberty to play around with the content layout. It has few limitations, reason being, the templates are designed in such a way so that even if we choose a different theme once the website is done, there is no need to redo the content part. Boomer DA will place the content as per the theme design directly into the content layout. It is hassle free. All you need to do it to choose the theme design and the rest will automatically take shape as per the design.


Responsive Websites


Boomer is a mobile application designed for all Android and iOS devices. All theme templates are mobile responsive in the sense they will beautifully align themselves as per the device settings.  The business owners can also have a look at their websites on the desktop or a laptop to get a feel of the website from customers view.


Mobile Editor


Boomer does not need a mobile editor as all the theme templates are completely responsive websites. It also allows to disable certain content and options on the website which works to the advantage of its customers who get a better surfing experience on their mobiles.




Boomer offers both monthly subscriptions as well as annuals. The subscription plans are very low cost and affordable compared to some website builders who do not offer all the features in one package. You will need to separately subscribe for payment gateway integration or ecommerce features. Boomer in that way is offering all these included into without any additional costs to its merchants.


Free Domain


As per “web builder experts”, for web builders that offer you free custom domain names, you have to sign up to their annual plans. In that aspect, Boomer offers free domain even with its free subscription packages. In order to get their own name instead of a boomer dependent handle, the merchant however has to pay for it.




Boomer offers an in-built SEO optimization, where the user can create his own keywords based on his business needs. Also there is an existing list of keywords available for the user to choose from. Boomer is listed in the Google Webmaster Guidelines, making sure that all your websites are search engine friendly. Google author Rank comes in-built in the user profile to make search indexing faster and top rated. Boomer allows to changes webpage titles as per user choice. Also it has an additional feature where a particular web page or feature can be disabled on the website to make it customer centric depending upon the occasion or business need.




Boomer offer phone support from all its devices. User can choose any option the phone support to get in touch with the support team which is really fabulous. Boomer also provides email and chat support to its users and the round about time for any type of issues is hardly a couple of hours depending upon the gravity of the issue.




Boomer offers social integration with many channels including, FB, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus. You can publish your way with video postings, offers, promotions on all these channels in one shot. It is one of the best features I found compared to other website builders.




Compared to many leading website builders, some of whom do not offer their own e-commerce features. You need to buy their third party facilities to enable shopping and shipping charges and such. Boomer offers it own e-commerce. The user can define his/ her own Delivery charges, Tax Details, Logistics Charges, Terms and Conditions. There is also an option to turn off the COD option if the business owner prefers only cashless transactions on his website.


Mobile App


Boomer is the only simplest and the best mobile website builder app. It not only allows you to create a free website but also allows you to manage the entire website and its maintenance using the phone. Boomer has everything you need in one place. It is a full fledged e-commerce website which offers customization of Web Pages as per your business needs, Product Inventory, Shopping Cart Options, Social Media Networking, SEO optimization, Payment Gateway Setup, Customer Support Functions, Support System for your website. Most of all, you will be able to manage your website all by yourself. Boomer Marketing App offers all these with just a click. You can explore all these options from the comfort of your phone.

The Right Theme For Your E-Commerce Website


Your website is your window to showcase your business. As in any business, whether it be a physical store, a company brochure or an advertisement, it talks a lot about you and your business. Therefore it is very important to choose a website theme which fits the bill.


There are thousands of website theme templates to choose from. You need to keep in mind a few aspects to make it all look right. The look and feel of the website plays a major role in the visual representation you like to portray to your customers.


Present Day Themes


Like old timers and the new generation trends, even theme designs are time tested. Make sure to pick a theme which stands tall in the present day scenarios. The colors, font styles, make a defining effect on your theme design. If you are a fashion store, then having a trendy theme which can display a particular outfit in different angles and colors will fetch a lot of attention. In case you are looking to put up a weekend getaway or a holiday destination as your business, a soothing and relaxing effect on your website, will definitely catch the eye of the viewer.


Check out if your theme template needs specific layouts for each category of products. You need to choose a layout which will allow zooming on products or shifting colors as per your customer’s choices. These are some of the aspects you need to keep in mind before you go ahead and pay for a particular theme layout.




Your website theme needs to be customizable, as in you need to make sure it allows for future upgradations in terms of changing colors and font styles to suit your needs. If you are going in for a festive promotion or seasonal products which need to go along with the backgrounds. If your theme does not support such functionality, then uploading products which do not match your theme design could backfire on you. Customers might not like the contrasts and will want to look at another site which is more appealing.


Check if your themes are editable, if they allows you to make changes in the Primary or Secondary Colors, Font Styling on your website pages.


Friendly Navigation


Make sure your website is not trendy, but also has the functionality for easy and effortless navigation for your customers. There is no point in picking a theme, where its sales flow is all worked up. If the customer is trying to figure out how to purchase the product and where to go next, then you have lost one potential customer.


Customer experience is very important, they should have easy navigation in checking the product and its specifications, shopping cart options, and payment gateways which are common to most e-commerce websites like credit card, debit card, payment wallet accessibility.


Responsiveness & Compatibility


These days more than 40% of shopping happens over the phone or a tablet. Customers are in a shopping spree all the time for various occasions and necessities. It is one another major aspect, where in your website should be responsive, in the sense, it has to open up in the same frame as you would want it on a desktop. The layout should fit the screen size irrespective of the device.


Also not all customers are used to browsing on a specific search engine. There are many search engines out there and your website needs to be compatible with all, so that it can be easily available on that browser.




Make sure your website is up in seconds, because customers do not wait on a website if it is not up and running when they click on it. They will simply jump to the next best things available. This can be a major concern in losing out on potential customers.


Also if your website it slow in loading, then search engines like Google will de-rank your website, which would mean, that your website will not show up in the search results to start with.


SEO Optimization


Visibility of your website is very important. Invest into a website theme, which will allow you to add as many keywords, which help in easy searching and listing of your website. Also make sure that you have the access to change the keywords as per the occasion and the type of products you are going to upload in the future. It has to give you that flexibility to add or remove keywords for future use.


Brand Promotions


Your website should give you the option to add, update or edit as many promotions or offer as required. You should be able to do these by yourself, unless you are appointing a web developer to do the job for you. You would be investing a lot if you need to have this job done all the time, as there is a need to keep updating your website on a regular basis, in order to have customer traffic on your site.


Updating your website gallery, offering promotions, adding social media networks to your website, will help promote your brand in a good way. It is an amazing tool for digital marketing and cost effective advertising.




It is always a good thing to have a blog on your website. It will help to attract customer interaction and increase your sales database at the same time. You can use it for regular news feeds, upcoming events calendar, to answer queries to customers directly.


Customers are attracted to sites where there is blogging as it is a means of social interaction. A good themed website will always allow space for blogging.


Support & Maintenance


When you are investing into creating a website, you definitely are looking at serious business. Make sure you pick one which offers support and maintenance all the time. Buying a website theme from someone who will leave you hanging once the basic framework is done is no good. Also it is not a good option to have one which charges you for each and every website issue you will be facing in future. Make sure to read all the terms and conditions which pertain to support and maintenance before you go ahead and sign up for it.


By having a good support service, you will owe yourself good, as your website can be maintained in good shape and you can keep it up and running all the time.


By and large the right theme for your e-commerce website is one which offers you all the required amenities for building a successful business.


Purpose Of A Gallery On Your Website


A Gallery serves as a visual experience to your business. It is an extension to your product catalog, and services. A gallery can be used to showcase your business success in many ways. Online viewers have a habit of looking through the gallery even before they click on your product catalog to see what you have to offer. Before they make up their mind to shop on your site, they would like to see what uniqueness you have to offer through the gallery.


Sometimes it so happens that even though there is a provision to upload images onto the product inventory on your site, there are still so many more aspects you want to showcase to your viewers. There is a scope to put up event highlights, successful launches, upcoming releases, earlier products, and so on and so forth. All these items can be categorised into different categories onto the gallery.


A gallery can be the extension to your existing and to-be business. It can be utilised to portray an existing business presence in the digital world. It is a norm to showcase earlier models and successful launches by many companies when you visit them by showcasing their albums. When it comes to the digital world, a gallery can be used in the same way to uplift a business.


A gallery can be divided into as many sections one can think of. You can have existing models display, future visualizations, when it comes to say an event management promotion, or a construction website, or a home decor company, or a medical services catalog by a hospital. A gallery is a visual impression of the idea being sold. It gives a better understanding of the product or service. It helps the viewer to comprehend to the before and after changes of using your products or buying your service.


A gallery can also include videos, simulations apart from just images of the items and products you want to showcase. These can be very innovative in their approach and can help like a visual tour around your business centricity. Online businesses are coming up with many ideas of how can use the digital market to uplift their sales strategies. They are uploading existing customer experiences as videos onto their sites. This creates a sense of reliability and security in the minds of the customer who want to purchase their services.


Not just customer reviews but also ad campaigning by celebrities and their opinions about a particular product is also becoming the part of online showcasing. All these extensions of digital marketing can be made part of the gallery on your website.


To be more visual and online active,  create an attractive and effective visual experience for your viewers, which will draw more traffic onto your website. There by increasing your business sales and brand imaging it requires in comparison to your competitors.

Why Does A Business Need Offers


When you see a discount poster or an ad, the immediate visual effect to see for what product such a discounted price is being offered. Customers are always drawn towards the sale deals for the same type of product by different vendors. The more discounts you offer the more sales it draws.


Although, there is a lot of speculation about discounted products, this strategy directly applies to increase in the sales curve. It is a good marketing tip for small and medium businesses.


There are a number of ways to go about it. Displaying sales posters in your stores with high quality visuals usually draws a lot of visitors to your store. Also location of flyers, coupons and pamphlets distributed at the sale point draws traffic. Visuals used to describe a product and its purpose actually has the customers look deeper into the product details and its reviews.


Business owners should be bold to go ahead with this strategy to tap into the vast customer pool available in the market. There are so many other ways like digital marketing which can grab a lot of attention when ot comes to a sales promotion of offer discounts. There is always scope to build your business and helps retain the discounts which are timely and effective.


Customers and Sales: A limited sales offer brings the most point of sale, as customers want to cash in on the product at that price. Once you have a product which has caught the eye of the customer, the selling point becomes very easy.


Availability & Time Span: By limiting the product availability and the offer time, statistics has shown that there is a direct relation to the sales curve. It has not only increased the sales traffic, but also increased up-selling the product.


Selected Inventory: Offering discounted sales in a festive season or at the year end, when the customer mindset is to spend for themselves, or their family and friends, is bound to exceed. By offering sales products which cover a whole range of age groups, businesses have gained out of this tactic.


Building Relations: customers usually remember the time when and where they have purchased for a specific occasion. If they have had a good experience with your products, which basically depends on the quality of it, they are definitely coming back to see what you have to offer for this season. This is a great way to have loyal customers and increase your customer reach with new ones.


The intention to sell your products with a good price and quality for service, is the key to grab on to your customers and build on new ones. This makes any business a success.


What Is The Need For A Product Catalog


A catalog basically talks about the products and services offered by a business. A product catalog is an inventory of all the products you want to showcase or sell. A successful business always has an organised catalog for its customers to view.


Catalog Management


Showcasing your product catalog is the best possible fashion builds your business. The organization of the catalog, in terms of category, product details, features, material specifications, durability, warranty, service centres, availability, are all the added values to your catalog. If your catalog is appealing, it can make a mark for your business in the ecommerce platform. It is like building blocks to a bright future and a planner for your business development.


Building Your Business


A product catalog talks a lot about your business and the type of audience you are targeting. By building your product catalog to suit a wide range of people and cultures, you can attract a lot of customers. Also the availability of your product and the delivery time which includes logistics, plays a vital role in your selling point.


A business is made of its products and services, it can offer to its customers. So being more customer centric and product friendly is the key to making a successful business.


Product Marketing


In case you are an existing business which already has a presence in the digital world, then linking your business to social media channels does the trick to draw a lot of traffic to your existing business. It is very cost effective and can do wonders to your sales. You can use updations as product feeds on other sites, or you can directly upload an ad on FB, Instagram, or Google+ for instant sales.




In order to improve visibility of your products on any search engine, using the exact product specification or name in the catalog does the trick. The content written for the product description should match the product, for your customers to be able to find your product with just a click. This will help to draw more traffic to your business.


Business Expansion


As time passes, a business with a wide inventory catalog has that much more chances of expansion. Whether it is in introducing more products which are customer centric or opening more sales channels and stores. An organised catalog helps to simplify complexity in product types and version, new launches. It helps in categorising the product depending upon the price, or suitability. It is a great way to advertise one's business essentials.


What Is The Need For Blogging On Your Site


Blogging is a way of social interaction. It is one of the mediums where people get to meet and exchange ideas, reviews, discuss on a variety of topics across all social channels. Be it general areas of concern, or about their city’s progress, or politics, or the economic situation at a global level, our about any kind of cultural activities, festivals, events, or for that matter even sales and discounts from a particular locality or shop. Blogging is like chatting with friends but only here not everyone knows everyone.


Opening a blog on your site, is a great way to draw traffic onto your website. This way not only do people get to see and explore your site but also get to discuss about the products and services you have to offer. It helps turn visitors into potential customers and then to a point of sale. You can initially choose to just open a blog site, if you are not sure of what all products you want to advertise in the first place. You can take time to get a feel of the customer mindset before you head for a release.


Blogging can keep your site active all the time. There would be people who blog on a daily basis. It is a rejuvenating factor for most bloggers from their daily routine. It allows people to get to know other activities and cultures. They use the medium to share their experiences, success stories, life events, etc.


Blogs are also a great way to maintain a history of the customer’s choices and preferences about your product or services. It helps to respond in a better way to your customers concerns the next time around. You can use the blog space on your site to advertise your product catalog, or post special offers, or festive discounts once you are ready to advertise. This is sure to increase your sale point as customers can interact with the business personnel in a direct fashion. It opens up a channel for direct sales.


Blogs are also used a reference windows, where a person can use it to refer one to another site to help with tutorials or how to use it options. They can use this as a medium of instruction to help one another in various aspects. Also you can use the same concept to direct your customers to click on your product videos and promotions. They can view success videos of existing customer who have tried your products and services. You can have your existing customers leave positive reviews about your company and site.


In all blogging is an upcoming medium to enhance your online presence in the digital market.


Making Money With Boomer:


Boomer Marketing App is more than just a simple Website Builder. Live Chat, Testimonials, Order Management, SEO Optimization, Social Media Networking, and Payment Gateway Integrations, come in-built. It makes the online marketing experience an icing on the cake. Adding and Managing multiple businesses is also a plus. Business owners can have a stress free work schedule by adding as many managers as required to take control of the business from their phone. They can work all round the clock. Boomer helps enhance business strategy and revenue increments.


Boomer has come up with an interesting and profiting proposition for its users. It is making its users also part of the business strategy by introducing the Reseller Program. It is an awesome way to make some decent income by using boomer. By enrolling into this program, existing users are not just merchants with boomer but also Reseller’s now.

A Reseller can manage websites for multiple businesses from a single profile.


A Reseller can be the Business Owner itself or any person who enrols with the program. A Reseller can help the Business Owner with Managing of website, social media marketing for a minimal annual fee. For example if a person enrolled in this program is able to mobilise a subscription sale worth 50k, he / she will make 45k/month as a Reseller.


You make wonder how does this work. As a scenario let's consider you were able to sell 1 Guru, 2 Savvy, & 3 Elite packages worth. Where manager fees per business is say 5k. Now the Reseller program will calculate your income as 25% of Subscription Fee plus complete Manager Fee for all the subscriptions. This will come close to 45k right there.


The best part is Boomer is so easy to setup and manage, you can make some extra earnings by recommending the same app to people you like. You can help them grow along with you.


Now one might ask how does Boomer make a good deal? Well when compared to the same features offered by other website builders, they charge on separate notes like Website Building, Live Chat Reviews, Payment Logistics, Social Media Marketing, Orders & Invoices. All these features are charged separately which will come close to around 6k/month. Whereas Boomer is offering all these for less than 1000 $/m. The plus point is all these are in-built for the user’s convenience. There is no need to learn a single programming code or be techie about it. It’s just like playing a video game on your phone when you are free. Just that bit of fun and you have yourself an up and running web business of your own.

Boomer is the best and simplest website builders available in the market. It is a mobile application for Android and iOS devices. All you need to do is download the app from Google store and you have yourself an online store in a few minutes. Try Boomer Marketing App. Its free!!

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