Here is some stellar news: We have UPDATED!!!

Welcome to the Boomer Marketing app Version 6.0

Here is some stellar news: We have UPDATED!!!

Boomer, along with being a complete website builder, helps with website maintenance and business growth through its many features. So, it’s no surprise that we’re always trying to find ways we can improve and make things better for our users. We’ve been working towards making your website experience much more efficient with our comprehensive app.

So without much ado, we’re happy to introduce the latest updates we've added to the Boomer Marketing App.

So, What’s New?


We’ve changed the onboarding experience and made it much better. Now, instead of logging in and having to enter your mobile number and register yourself, you get into building your website directly once you enter the app . This means you can check out our templates and how your website would look at the beginning itself.

The Features Line Up:

Now as soon as you log in to the app, under Dashboard, you can see all the features including all the add-ons available in Boomer. So, now, everything is easily accessible 


 We’ve simplified the Billing process to ensure you have an easy and fast check-out process.


1. Check out our new Invoice settings.

2. Create a simple invoice with the sum total of products or create a detailed invoice with line item specifications.

3. Create a customised invoice with your business details.

4. Attach a status to each invoice like paid, saved or saved and sent.

5. You can send invoices to the customer’s Facebook account, email ID or any other social network account.

New Payment Gateways:

We’ve added more trusted Payment Gateways to our Add-ons. Our payment Gateways include Stripe, Paypal, Doku, Pesopay, RazorPay, PayUMoney and Atom.


Earlier, if you wanted to upgrade your free website to an e-commerce enabled website, you had to change your template. Well, not anymore! Now, all of our website templates come with e-commerce features like Invoice settings, Logistics, Add-ons and much more.

Referral Program:

Once you refer somebody, a link is generated and sent to them. Once they click on it, a tracking code is automatically entered in their account. If they are new to the app, then it takes them to the iTunes or PlayStore download page and once they download the app the code automatically gets entered in.  The referred person and the referee both get Premium Features for free.

What Can Users Expect:

Users, new and old, will enjoy the ease with which they can navigate through the task of handling and updating their website. Your customers will find navigating through every aspect of your website extremely easy and hassle free.


Existing users just need to update the app from the app store and new users just need to download the app.

We hope you enjoy this experience even more with the updates that we’ve added to help you share your best work with the world.

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