Get Your Brand On!

Tips For Branding Your Products

Get Your Brand On!

The word Branding as per the Business Dictionary is, “The process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumer’s mind, mainly through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme. Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers.”


Customers Come First

  Target audience

Before you can build a brand for your product, you need to determine who your product is intended for, i.e. the end user of your product.  You need to know your target customers who you are aiming at to sell your product.

Once you know the end user, it is your next step to try to identify with them and to know how they think of your product and how much value your product has in their daily life.

These factors determine a huge part of the point of sale for a specific product. Weaving around the customer centricity is the key to building a brand identity.


Tagline Your Brand

 Once you have the purpose and the goal for your product in mind, the next thing is to bring a voice to it. How do you want your product to be pictured by your customers. The Tagline of your product is as important as the name itself.

 Tag line for your brand-boomer marketing app

Try to choose a tagline which makes sense to the customer and relates to them in a personal way, rather than only pitching it as a business point of view. Remember your business is going to grow only by the number of customers you are going to acquire.


Brand Positioning

 Brand positioning-boomer-marketing

Positioning your product in the market is the show stopper. It depends on how you choose to position it: whether you are looking at print media, hoarding rentals at specific locations, moving commercials at select locations, targeting specific age groups at work places or choosing digital media to reach a wider range of people, etc,.


Brand positioning makes all the difference to your sale points. Introducing your product at various diverse locations to grab the attention of the viewers hits the jackpot.


Being Consistent


It does not just end once you have put up a few hoardings, or released your product at select locations. The name of the game is being consistent in your sales promotions. Once you have an idea of the response you are getting from the customers and viewers, you can choose ways to enhance your sales.


By changing the promotional activities from time to time and adding more punch lines to your product purpose, you can target new customers to pick up your product.



 Keep-it-Simple -boomer-marketing


Keep it as simple as possible. The simple the taglines to your promotions and the easy accessibility to your product, the more sales you get.

Always notice how the big brands are making the best of it from the simple aspects of life and cashing on it.


Appreciate Your Work Group


Try to involve your work group into the campaign. You never know who has a million dollar idea  looking at the product and its response from a third party angle. It is time tested, a person viewing the situation from a third angle has a better idea of what’s going on in the group.

appreciate your team

Appreciate them and their ideas. After all its coz of your work group all this is turning into reality.

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