Boomer Marketing : A Digital Questionnaire

What Makes BOOMER stand out from the rest?

Boomer Marketing : A Digital Questionnaire

How Boomer Marketing is helpful to Small and Medium Enterprises?

Start-up’s, Small and Medium Businesses with low or no investments, can bank on Boomer as it offers Free website building options. Even a non-tech savvy person can use Boomer to launch a website. There is no need of any technical knowledge like coding, drag and drop, Photoshop, content updating, alignments, content creation, etc., to create and manage the website.


Additionally Boomer offers social media presence and digital marketing options. You can build a professional website within minutes using the Boomer Marketing App. You can manage or update your website while at work or from home by just using a smartphone.


  • How Boomer Marketing Reduces Advertising Costs strategically?



The average cost of building a website using most website builders is about $1,000 /yr which involves costs in the form of Website Designing, Domain Name Pricing, Web Hosting Cost, Routine Website Maintenance Cost, and expenses related to Marketing Your Website Online.

This kind of expense is rather overwhelming to many businesses and they take a back seat when it comes to hosting their websites. Boomer offers all these facilities for less than $100 /yr.


Depending upon your business requirement you can choose the subscription plans which are very cost effective and inexpensive. Boomer Marketing App is a website creator app and digital marketing platform for small and local businesses. With so much more to accomplish and target in the market Boomer offers businesses to host a complete website and be part of the game hassle free.


  • How Boomer Marketing Boosts Online Sales or Customer Reach?



Boomer is a digital marketing platform for Small and Medium Businesses. It offers complete Social Media presence on networks like Facebook Profile, Facebook Brand Page, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and many more.  Boomer has options where you can share offers, blogs and posts on all social networks. It allows editing and managing promotions and gallery with utmost ease.


Boomer has Live Chat options, so business owners can interact directly with their privileged customers. It also has live call access from the website, where customers can speak directly with the business owners. These two features will help improve sales conversations in a real time environment. It is a great way to increase the sales pitch for an online customer. Boomer helps in advertising on customer social accounts as per their choice.


Overall, Boomer is the only code-free App for Android and iOS users to host their website using a smart phone or a tablet. It makes selling online as easy as playing a game on the phone. Boomer users can integrate with the Payment Gateways with no additional costs and in just a few minutes.


  • How to Build Online Store in an easy way for technical noobs?



Boomer is a complete DIY website builder app. There is no need to have any knowledge of coding or programming to use Boomer. It has pre-designed Web Templates, in-built payment Gateways, Logistics, in-built SEO.  It is very easy to upload photos to the Gallery. Managing and Editing content can be done from the app itself. There is no need for any drag n drop here. Content can be edited as and when required. It is as simple as typing a message.


Catalog can be uploaded with product images, specifications, details, pricing and discounts. Also you can choose it the products are for displaying or selling online. Boomer also offers to set up e-commerce settings as per the business owner’s choice. Boomer users can set their own Delivery Charges, TAX Details, and Logistics Charges as per the Catalog.


For a person like me who is a technical noob, it was as simple as playing solitaire. I found the app to be extremely useful in floating my online business from home.


  • How Social media marketing can be simplified using Boomer?



Boomer offers complete social media presence. It allows users to add as many social accounts as required. Boomer connects with Facebook Profile, Facebook Brand Page, Twitter, Google plus, Instagram and many more social channels. Boomer also plays with Youtube. It is a great way to socialize and connect with different networks in one go.


There is no need for the user to post in all these places. Boomer allows sharing all updates like posts, offers, promotions and much more on all these channels with just one click. It is a great way for digital marketing and upselling products.



  • How to Create Own Professional business website?



There are many website builders available in the market. One particular website builder which beats it all is Boomer Marketing app. It provides user friendly features which do not need any technical knowhow and coding experience. It has inbuilt web templates, post, edit content with just a click. Boomer users can change the website colors and font style to suit their business needs. Uploading images to the gallery can be done using original photograph dimensions. Also Boomer allows customizing website page names as per business preference.


Create a digital presence for your website by connecting with different social media networks. Share all your posts, offers, updates etc., with all networks with absolute ease. E-Commerce features can be enabled for selling products. Integration of your website with payment gateways can be done for no additional costs.  Boomer also allows interacting with customers in a real time live chat environment to up sell products.


All this and much more can be done with just one website creator ie., Boomer Marketing App. Try out our mobile application. Create your own professional business website. You can have your own business name as the website address too. Try it now ..!



  • How Live Chat will increase sales and reduce costs of customer support?



You might have tried to get in touch with the customer support by waiting on the line for like 45 mins or more for all you know. Though businesses advertise a lot about customer support, hardly a few offer it. Plus all these customer support lines are to be paid for. The longer you are on the line with cc the more telephone bill you will generate for your service provider.


This is where Boomer has made a flat difference in acknowledging its customers priorities. Boomer has Live Chat options, so business owners can interact directly with their privileged customers. It also has live call access from the website, where customers can speak directly with the business owners. These two features help improve sales conversations in a real time environment.


Live chat is a great way to keep in touch with your customers 24/7. The app has a notification feature, which will help the business owner to keep in touch with the customer from anywhere. Boomer users can call customers from the app itself. As it is a VOIP call, it works for both the business owner and the customer.


Being a free call over the internet, customers can speak at length with the owner in clarifying any questions with absolutely no call costs.  It is a great way to increase the sales pitch for the business. Not only that, but Boomer helps in advertising on customer social accounts as per their choice. There by it also helps in spreading your business reach across many customers.



  • How Payment Processing works at Boomer?


Setting up accounts with Payment Gateways is a pain in the throat for many businesses. They need to get hold of a lot of paperwork and have to coordinate with the website Designers and the Payment Gateway Vendors to get the job done.  In comparison to this traditional method, Boomer provides a secure checkout, and easy payment processing options to its users. Boomer users can integrate their website from within the app with just a click. Boomer integrates with a whole range of payment gateways like..


    1. PayUMoney
    2. Atom
    3. Midtrans
    4. DOKU
    5. DOKU Wallet
    6. PesoPay


Boomer users can create an account with any of these vendors. The vendor will get back in touch with Boomer User and assist them in setting up an account with excellent customer service. It is very easy and there are no hidden charges like transaction charges or commissions. Also the payment gateway is very secure and hassle free.


  • Is your website ready to sell online?


Yes..! Boomer offers its users a beautiful and easy to use selling process. It offers an effortless way to upload products into the Catalog. Products can be categorised into display items or selling items. Boomer allows adding product description, product specifications, adding SKU number, price and discount. It also has a feature to mark a product as a featured item to showcase on the home page of the website for promotional purpose.


Once the Catalog is loaded all the user has to do is to enable E-Commerce setting. Boomer users can also decide upon their Delivery charges, TAX Details, Logistics Charges as per the Catalog. It allows setting their own Terms and Conditions which will be displayed on the website.


Also setting up with the Payment Gateway is a hassle free process. User has to just open an account with the payment gateway from within the app. The vendor will get back to the boomer user to set up the account. Within no time your website will be ready to start selling products.


It’s great to have all these features bundled up into one place. Try Boomer now!  Boomer is the fastest and easiest way to create your own online store. What are you waiting for?


  • How to grow ecommerce business with content marketing?


Content marketing intends on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to its users. Keeping this in mind, an ecommerce business is a perfect fit for the bill. Boomer being E-Commerce friendly will help not only in creating and managing a website Catalog, but also allows its owner to keep updating its product range to suit the ongoing trend.


With boomer you can provide your visitors with a variety of products to keep the hunger going on. You can provide them with an updated gallery, catalog and create a lot of promotional activities to keep the traffic growing. Also discount offers and festive coupons are easy to create on Boomer. It will attract a lot of visitors to your site.  


E-Commerce is the new business way for the coming generations. Upgrading your present business into an e-commerce online store is the way to go.


  • Is it possible to create ecommerce website in low costs?


Absolutely! Out of the many website builders available, Boomer is the one which stands out in offers a free website creator for start-up’s, small and medium businesses. It is a great way for those with no or low investment to go online.


Boomer offers all the features of an e-commerce with just a minimal monthly fee. Business owners can set their own Delivery Charges, TAX Details, Logistics Charges. Also boomer users can write their own Terms and Conditions which will be displayed on the website.


Integrating Payment Gateways with other website builders is a lengthy and a painful process. It involves a lot of paperwork and running around with website designers and gateway vendors. Boomer has all this in one place. All the business owner has to do is to create an account with the chosen payment gateway vendor from within the app itself.


Boomer has a whole list of vendors partnering with it. The vendor will get back in touch with the Boomer user and help them set up an account in no time. All this can be done within a very short span of time.


Boomer is a great app for android and iOS to create and manage an ecommerce website at affordable costs compared to so many other website builders who charge exorbitant prices to do the same job. Try it now!


  • How can I earn income with Boomer?



Boomer has come up with a way not only to create and manage a website of your own, but also make some money for yourself in the process. Its called the RESELLER program.


Reseller Users can avail a lot of profit by earning on the Subscription Fees, Manager Fees, and Proceeds Commissions by introducing their friends and partners into the Boomer family.


It is a golden opportunity for Boomer users to grow along with us. Learn more about our Reseller program by subscribing to it and make additional income along with us.



  • Which is the best and free website builder?


By so far, out of the hundreds of website builders available in the market, only Boomer is the one free website builder which offers a lot of features for even a non tech savvy person.


As compared to other website builders there is no need for drag and drop options at all. Boomer has options to choose from pre-designed web theme templates, customised colors and fonts for the website, easy to create and edit content options. Boomer is the best website to offer this option.


Boomer is the only app which will use the same features on all Android and iOs Smartphones and Tablets. All the templates and content will adjust automatically to the website themes in case the user chooses to change the theme design. There is no need to upload content again as the app will adjust it to the layout design.


Boomer allows uploading photos with original dimensions to the catalog and gallery with just a click.  Catalog’s can be edited and updated as per user choice without the need of any website designers. Users can just upload customized catalogues and featured items to showcase on the home page from their phone itself.  Boomer lets you enable features like naming customised website pages which is another added advantage compared to other applications.


Boomer provides with Live chat and Live call options which are free to make and use by both the customer as well as the business owner. It is a paid feature on most of the website builder applications.


Getting to make your website e-commerce friendly using other website builders can put a hole in your pocket. Boomer provides with features to setup your own Delivery charges, Tax details, Logistics charges, Terms and Conditions. It incurs a lot of expensive to get the payment gateway setup and enabling your own settings. The payment gateway setup is inbuilt in Boomer. Just set up an account from within the app and the vendor will take care of the rest.


Digital marketing and social media presence has taken a new step with Boomer, as it is just a click away in sharing all your content on any social media channels you like including Facebook Profile, Facebook Brand Page, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, YouTube, etc.  Your website will be showcasing on social network channel promoting your business for you.


All this and much more are available with Boomer Marketing App. With just a minimal subscription cost you can host your own Domain Name and own a piece of the World Wide Web for yourself. Create your own free website using Boomer and enjoy the world on your phone!

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