10 Marketing Tips and Strategies for Art Galleries

Art Gallery Marketing - Quick Guide 2018

10 Marketing Tips and Strategies for Art Galleries


Imagine a beautiful house in your hometown. Nobody in the town knows about it and the route to that house is messy.  The house has no means of existence as nobody knows about it.

It’s of no use if you have an awesome product or service when people don’t know about it. No business is exempted from this rule. Your art gallery business is not either.

In this example, the beautiful house in the town is your art gallery. In this contemporary world, where everything changes rapidly, making profits in the art gallery business is not a piece of cake.

From a bird’s eye view of marketing, the game has changed a lot and the rules have been updated.

Since we love artwork and small businesses, we have put together these 10 marketing practices to help you boost your art store sales.


Store Ambience

Where would you like to purchase a product? A store where everything is enticing, with a luminous display, stimulating scent and painting frames put up on a neatly polished wall? Or a store with a dull atmosphere sending negative vibes with an unorganized product display?

art gallery image with design-boomermarketingapp

Not the second store, obviously, right? Though your product quality matters the most, decorating always helps. Design your store in such a way that people first fall for your store design and the artwork later.

Create an inviting ambience with stimulating scents and pleasant music (probably trending songs).  Remember, looks matter!  A visitor who is not a targeted customer would love your store and can spread the word about how much he loved being at your gallery. That’s how a visitor becomes your marketer.


Retail Store

You know how McDonald's made it to billions in very short time?

The answer is franchising. You may not like franchising your art gallery but when you know that franchising can simplify your work and get customers, you would consider it, right?

Retails store walls with designs-boomermarketingapp

No, I am not asking you to franchise your business. But you can ask retail shops to showcase your designs in their stores. You can pay them a commission fee when someone buys your design from their stores. Yes, it is kind of like affiliate marketing. It is a win-win marketing strategy - by showcasing your beautiful designs he could attract more people to his store and he could also make some money in the process.

Display your artwork and designs on your store windows. Keep it fresh, and change them often.


Exhibitions and Conferences

Selling is easy when you meet a person who knows the value of a product. Exhibitions and conferences are mostly loaded with professionals who know the real value of a piece of artwork. Exhibiting your outstanding pieces of art at conferences is a sure way of marketing your designs.

Art exhibition-man looking at designs-boomermarketingapp

Get all the information such as the place, theme, duration, and audience, as soon as the dates are announced. Reach out to the event organizer or committee through email or telephone. Explain how you could give enhance your visitors' experience through your artwork.

Someone who attends an art and literature summit would love your artwork when it's about people, nature, and imaginative illustrations. You might have heard many people saying "I love floral paintings,.I like watercolor paintings.” Your marketing becomes a lot easier since they love art the most.


Viral Contributor

Did you ever notice a small box with a sarcastic yet thought-provoking cartoon in your local newspaper? Those are known as editorial cartoons. They look simple but they have a deep meaning embedded in them. And you know what? People love them. Statistics from hundreds of websites which make money just by posting these clips online attest to this.

Cartoon image-people playing-boomermarketing

Draw a cartoon or an image on trending topics. You could create something about North Korea and South Korea in Winter Olympics, US president Mr. Donald Trump’s new decision or Elon Musk's SpaceX exploring victory. It could be about any topic which is trending.

Send it to your local print works, newspapers or magazines. If your art is interesting, you must get inquiries for more details about your work. Your targeted audience will walk into the store. That’s your ultimate goal in the end, right?



There are hundreds of artwork businesses, who make millions, selling artworks nationally and internationally without even having a physical store.

Website-boy jumping on to mobile

The Internet has really disrupted the way artwork is perceived and purchased. It has broadened the horizons for artwork.  A great artist with minimal online presence has a hard time to gather love. While an average artist with proper online presence has a huge market to conquer.


Essentially benefits of a website for an art gallery business:

  1. A professional platform to showcase your work.
  2. People can view and buy artwork at their own comfort, time and place.
  3. Broader customer reach. Both national and international.
  4. 24/7 marketing medium.
  5. More inbound customers (people reach out to you by themselves).

 Lack of a website may not cause harm to your business if you are planning to keep your business restricted to a particular area and size. But for those who want to grow bigger and bigger, it is a must.

No, no, that’s not true! Creating a responsive website won’t cost much. In fact, with website builder apps like Boomer, it costs nothing, except 5 minutes of your time and a Smartphone.

Create a beautifully designed responsive website and upload your artwork. It acts like your virtual art gallery store.


Bullet point: Website is must to grow bigger, both nationally and internationally.


Social Media

More than 3.02 billion people across the globe use social media. And 100 million hours of videos are being watched on Facebook alone. Out of which, 60% are viewed without audio. These statistics illustrate how crucial social media is for your marketing goals.

Social media icons-boomermarketingapp

Social media is the quickest way to grow your art gallery business. People out there on social media love artwork.  Social media is getting smarter every day.  You could reach out to particular users by using location-based targeting.

Build a presence on popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. And keep posting your amazing work frequently. Though LinkedIn isn’t exactly social media, you get a chance to reach out to professionals who admire artwork.



Bullet Point: Always leave your watermark and contact details in your posts



Every painting and every artwork has a story which inspires and amuses people. That’s one of the reasons why people buy artwork.

Content marketing-illustration-boomermarketing

Write content that inspires people. You could share a story behind a great oil painting or greatness of acrylic paint. You could share your story of how you came to become an artist. Write about painting techniques, importance of painting, great artists, etc. Create content which adds value to your users.  Share content which makes people love your artwork even more.


Bullet Point:  As it's always said, “Content is King”.


Visual Material

“A picture speaks a 1000 words”. But in marketing, pictures can get you 1000 leads. Images and videos are the reason behind the popularity of Instagram marketing. Businesses starting from a restaurant in a town to Apple, IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon are using visual materials for their marketing purposes.

 Images and videos on instagram in mobile

People are addicted to videos. Sorry, but that’s the truth. Facebook alone hosts 100 million hours of video every day and YouTube experiences 5 billion videos watched every day. Creating a 2-minute video can really make your marketing go viral.


Live Videos

Live videos are gaining popularity these days. So why not use them?

Facebook Live Video streaming is extremely easy and effective. As soon as you start going live, Facebook sends notifications to your followers. Since you are going to provide valuable videos, people would love it for sure. That’s a cool way to spread your message, isn’t it?

Watching video on mobile-boomermarketingapp

Create a stunning image post with thought-provoking content in it and share it on social media.

You can share everything - from your store images to a selfie with your latest buyer. Everything sells and markets.


Bullet Point:  Don’t share your artwork images without watermark.


Virtual Reality

Technology is on the high rise now. Technologies like AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality) are a revolution in the artwork experience. Though it isn’t into an extensive marketing arena, it surely is going to change business marketing.

VR for art and entertainment industry

For art galleries, VR can be used to thrill users with a 360-degree view of your designs without even stepping in to store. So, keep an eye out for these digital trends for marketing purposes.



Marketing is a trial and error process and nothing is wrong with trying new ways of marketing. Although offline marketing is important, online marketing should be given more importance as well. Online marketing helps you to reach out to more people within a very short time. Follow these tips and dig in deeper. Plan, execute, examine and repeat.

Happy Marketing!

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