Proven Restaurant Marketing Tips from Marketing Experts

Effective restaurant marketing tips from experts

Proven Restaurant Marketing Tips from Marketing Experts


Wondering how to grow your restaurant business? Stop thinking so much. That’s our business! Here at Boomer Marketing, we constantly work on finding ways to help small businesses grow online and offline.

Here are some of the best marketing practices to boost your restaurant sales.


Online Presence

Having an Online presence has become the need of the hour in this digital age. Most users search for products and services online, even local services, before they purchase anything. People turn to various site like Google Maps, Yelp, Foursquare, Tripadvisor, Zomato etc., to book a reservation or check restaurant reviews  and to know more about your restaurant.


So, If your business isn’t on these sites, you are missing customers.

 Various local listing sites

Listing your restaurant business only takes minutes and it is free. Don’t just list your business there: spend sometime responding to customers queries, say thank you for reviews and deal positively with negative reviews. Remember, Reviews can make or break your business. So tread carefully!


So now your business is on local listings. Great! But that’s not all. These sites alone are not going to help you grow. People believe there is more authenticity in restaurants which have a business website. 


"Why an Online Presence?", you ask. Well , when you have a website you're conveying a message to your customers, that message being that they can Trust you and that you and your business have nothing to hide from them. This goes a long way in building customer relations and helps with Marketing. 

A functional and updated website provides over the edge opportunities for reservations to be made.

That said, we don’t mean you should spend hundreds of dollars on building and maintaining websites. No, It’s not that. A simple website which has:


1. A neat and beautiful Landing page which glimpses your business, in brief.

2. About Page which helps users in understanding your business

3. A Menu page where customers can find your new recipes, specialities and option order online in case if you provide home delivery.

4. A Gallery page to showcase your restaurant design, interiors, customers and any other image related to your restaurant.

5. A Blog which you can use in sharing various updates, new techniques or any useful information with customers.

6. Contact Us page with map, which helps users to reach your store or to leave a personal message.

7. Last but not the least, Feedback or Review Page, where previous customers can leave a review about your business, Which new customers refer to before making a reservation.


I personally recommend using a free website builder app like the Boomer Marketing App to build and operate a website from your mobile rather than spending a lot of money and time. The app is a life saver!!


Advance Payment Methods

Smooth and effective payment systems really affect restaurant businesses. Customers no longer need to carry wallets when they visit a restaurant. Making the Payment is the final stage of your business with any customer and it really shapes opinions toward your business. If your customers find it difficult to pay you, you lose some valuable points.

 advanced payment methods

Use updated payment methods like cards, mobile wallets and etc. Having advanced payment methods like POS, Online Payments, PayPal can be a growth hack for your business. Studies shows that restaurants with advanced payments methods like PayPal, Online Payments and POS increase their sales upto 54%.


In the end, consider implementing payment methods which your customers use, because implementing payment methods which your customers don’t use only going to increase your cost. We don't mean ask each and every customer which payment gateway they prefer. No, we mean choose the most globally trusted and certified gateway. 


Quick Responses

Stephen Fin, a seafood restaurant owner in LA, says that on an average he gets 5 customers from Yelp and 3 more customers from Google My business. And, he always happy to share how he does this.

 Quick responding to customers

“I started spending 30 to 45 minutes reading and responding to user’s feedback and reviews on Yelp, Zomato, TripAdvisor and Google. And it made a difference. I now spend more than 2 hours replying users on various mediums online”


Make it a point to reply when you get a review or feedback, good or bad, for your business. Reply in a positive tone with the primary aim in mind being to understanding customer’s concern.


Most customers just need an answer. They want to know that they have been heard. 75% of escalated issues are customer complaints about not being heard. They may escalate issue on social media if they feel no is listening to them.


Remember, your goal is to make customers to love your services. Don’t hesitate to take responsibility for a mistake.  Always begin by apologizing for their bad experience, find out what exactly happened and then make it up to them. 


Get Reviewed

Local listing and review site like Yelp, Foursquare, Tripadvisor, Zomato can do wonders for your business. A good review and clear information can get your customers at your restaurant.

Reviews about website, products and services

Two bullet points : good reviews and clear information.

Customer Interactions go a long way in gaining the trust of Customers, and good customer interactions leave a mark. 



Heard this a few too many times? We understand you. But in this digital age, it is essential that your business should have a seat for social media at the digital marketing table.

 Socialize: social media for business

Creating accounts and pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram alone is not going to help you in growing your restaurant business.


Optimize your Business account page.

Create a neat and simple cover page image. This is your 851× 351 pixel hoarding that is going to market your restaurant around the clock.

Provide a call to action button “Call Now, Message, Use this app (if you have a app)”

Talk to your customers and potential customers. Join discussions on groups and forums

Share posts about upcoming events, updates, newletters, products and much more. 

Socializing helps get the word out about your restaurant and helps build your reputation.


What to share on Social Media?

You will be killing your reputation online if you only post about your restaurant and offers. This is social media, where people share good and creative content. Share good and interesting posts, images and videos from others.

 share on social media

As a restaurant business you could share lots of images about food; various recipes, food festivals, details about food meetups in your locality. Share information about health tips, fitness techniques and lot more.

Sharing videos about food and health and how your restaurant handles those two topics, can take your restaurant to more customers.

Retweet trending tweets on twitter about food, restaurants and health concerned. It’s okay to share breaking news.

Irrelevant posts on your social accounts confuse users trying to understand your focus and it turns a red card for you. Never forget to thank a follower. Sharing special offers with potential customers is a two way beneficial marketing strategy

LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest

If your restaurant is in the metro areas, you must invest some time on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional networking site generating quality leads. Not to forget, even if your business is in small towns, LinkedIn has can spread it reach. 

 LinkedIn, pinterest and tumblr

This might be astonishing but undeniably true: Chriss Villers, a restaurant owner in Chicago says that he saw a continuous rise in sales from the day when he started posting pictures on Instagram.

“They (the customers) loved our work. Now we hired a guy to focus on social media”, says Chriss.


Pinterest drives a lot of crowd. But you can only turn them into customers when you invest more time on pinning, repping and interacting people and groups on Pinterest.

 “Images marketing” is what digital marketers called these techniques. So, brush  up your camera skills, click interesting pics and grow your business.


Build Communities


Be the first one to join hands with local communities. Is there a holiday trip your customers would be interested? Reach out to that travel agency, contact that trip manager, collaborate with the agency and offer your customers discounts. This marketing tip might boost trip attendees. And not just that it will help your guests to think about your restaurant brand in mind.

 Building communities for business

Give people a glimpse of inner side of your restaurant.

Share a picture showing how a popular dish is prepared inside your restaurant.

Show them how neat and hygiene you prepare everything. Show them how you care for their health.

Share a picture how you connect with farmers.

Show them that you support them.

This way your customers feel that you are a part of their community.




Campaigns helping poor

Find a local Cause to campaign for. Join hands with Communities. Partner with NGO's and other social and chariable organisations. Run ads on Social Causes to make a change.



Creating exclusive offers, special discounts and sharing them on social media can make a difference for sure. But don’t stop there. Partnering with local food or restaurant aggregators, delivery companies is a point to be added in restaurant marketing.

 special offers for business growth

Discounts and loyalty programs have been a proven marketing technique to grow restaurant walk ins. Providing offers throughout the week is another interesting way to reach more customers. This helps customers avail offers on any given day.


Food Trucks

Food trucks for restaurant business

“When people can’t come to your restaurant, take your restaurant to them”  Starting a food truck, with a beautiful design and an exciting menu, not only helps in branding but also extends your reach to more customers. Added advantage is that, you get more press coverage and a larger fan base across various locations.


Food Blog

Starting a blog for you business is a great way to build your customers base. Apart from marketing your business, blogs help you to understand your customer voice.

 Food blog for restaurant business

You don’t need to brainstorm to write a blog. Share things that you feel it can benefit or engage customers. You can share your success story, struggles, funny, trending, recipes whatever than can benefit your customers.

Don’t make it complex. Keep it simple.   

 As a restaurant owner you might find it difficult to grow your online reputation and reach. The best way to break this box is by guest blogging. Reach out to famous bloggers, websites or any influencial people who have a direct or indirect connection with your business. Appreciate them for their work and enquire if they can share a piece on the restaurant with their readers.

Bullet point: This is not for purely marketing. It is to build relationships.


Buy Local

People love to hear that they are eating food prepared from local sources.

Buy local shop local

When you buy local you are not just buying something but you are supporting a community and most importantly you are supporting the dream of local people.



So, the bottom line is it’s about building relations. Listen to them and understand their voices. Build relations. 

What do you think? You got the latest restaurant marketing practices right? Now, Start your mission and grow your business.

Share if you find any hacks that can help in growing business.

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