Negative Review Helps your business!

If you deal with them this way

Negative Review Helps your business!

Sometimes negative can be your next positive. This holds good in many cases. People leave reviews as an expression of what they feel and how they experience something. It might be an excellent product or a very happy festive offer or a complete shopping experience gone wrong. Reviews play a major part of the business outgrowth.

One can learn a lot from negative reviews. You can know where the process if going wrong, whether it be in the check out of your shopping cart, or in the packaging, third-party delivery, delayed logistics pickup, or a damaged product which reaches your customer.

The best thing about business reviews is that customers new and existing try to make a contribution towards your business growth. By having positive reviews all the time, it might sound suspicious that a business is flawless, which can never be 100% right.

It is beneficial to have negative reviews as well, so customers can have the right expectations from your services offered and products delivered. For example, a customer might feel that a product was actually two sizes smaller than what it appeared on the website, or a blazer a shade lighter than what it looked on the catalog. It helps future customers to set the right expectation from the product offered.

Bad reviews need immediate attention to keep customers from going astray. Sometimes, a bad review can trigger a whole lot of customers from making it a discussion forum against a business or a service. Responding immediately to the customer who felt left out, will also have the same customer, leave a thank you note after sharing his or her experience in detail. May be offering an immediate overnight replacement with a discount or a gift could prove to be make loyal customers in the end.

The feedback that customers leave on a business review, can be the path to proving where your customer service is lacking. It could help in building a strong customer service help desk to tackle similar situations in future. Feedback also helps in improving the process flow or the supply chain management of any type of business which has multiple layers in product delivery.

Although, a business always expects to get a 5 star rating, too many 5 stars could also raise eyebrows and might be intimating a few to prove that your business is actually not that satisfactory. They might want to take it to task and come up with a prank in order to put you down. A good business is one which has few low ratings or lesser stars with real reviews or video clippings of well serviced customers, which will help in bringing more visits onto the website, who can become your next potential customer base.

If you observe on any of the social sites, like FB or Twitter or Amazon, or Trip advisor, a specific blog or a post will call for immediate attention by many viewers, coz of the experiences they have had with that product or a trip for that matter. You will find that many visitors will leave you with additional advice as you whether you should take up a certain trip or book a resort in a specific location. They will also go on to adding making travel tips, maybe pictures of that place as well. This helps ultimately in making or breaking your travel decisions or buying options right down to the spot.

Ultimately as always said, there are two sides to a coin and so is true with positive and negative or good and bad review. The ones who make a choice by exploring all the options will be on the safer side and can avoid a lot of unwanted expenditure and experiences. Cheers !


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