Digital Marketing- The Series

Chapter 1

Digital Marketing- The Series


Gone are the days of analog technology, when cameras used film to take pictures and watches had hands that would tell us time.


Welcome to the Digital Age!


Digital Marketing is basically advertising done through digital means like social media, email & mobile apps and search engines. Digital marketing is solely based on technology and since technology is constantly improving so will digital marketing and its means, but we’ll talk more on that in the next chapter.

 Digital technology

Now the very first case of digital marketing, according to Wikipedia, was during the mid 1980’s when the ChannelNet group, then SoftAd, introduced new advert campaigns for automobile companies through floppy discs. They had put in reader reply cards (which were cards that related to a certain article or product, in this case automobile companies, and readers interested in knowing about the product would send them in) in magazines and when the reader would send it in, the company would send them a floppy disc with information on various cars and free test drive opportunities.


Since then digital marketing has expanded its horizons and never looked back.


Why Digital Marketing?


Brands have changed the way they interact with people through websites and mobile apps. This means that the nature of Marketing is itself transitioning. Companies are now trying to understand what drives and motivates people to in turn create campaigns that market brands which inspire people. Digital Marketing Not only lets companies know what the people want but also gives companies the technical side of date, digital engineering and data analysis to guide them into growing and flourishing.

 Why digital marketing

Advertisers crave for data on people such as their preferences, behaviour, age and so on. In fact, its estimated that by 2018, 2.14 billion people all over the world will be using social platforms. Facebook in itself  has more than 1.5 billion ( and as we speak it is increasing drastically) users and it tracks what they see and click on in ways that most media companies can only dream of. And this isn’t the full capacity of the social media world or even the Digital world. 


Digital Marketing is one of the, if not the only,  major selling points in the field of commerce. So what do the Stats say? Statistics show that the digital media growth is stimulated at 4.5 trillion online ads served annually and its year to date DM revenue was $32.7 billion for last year (2016) alone.


Need more Selling Points?


  • Companies can reach people all around the world without the hassle of being physical present and thereby customers can find what they need from a company on the other end of the world.


  • Digital Marketing allows customers to know whom exactly are they using from. Are you as a company authentic and trustworthy? Can your products be trusted?


  • Digital Marketing increases competitive favourability


  • Customers and Companies can now have better interaction. Customer Relations can be drastically improved which will help the business grow.


So How Does Digital Marketing Happen?


Almost everybody in the digital Marketing field says that the planning of digital marketing involves three chief ingredients: Opportunity, Strategy and Action. 

 How does digital marketing happen

Say you have a new product in the making, that right there is an opportunity. Now in order to market that opportunity you need to have a plan in place to know what works and what might not work for promoting that product, that is the strategy. Now once the strategy is in place, you need to act on it b making the marketing happen, start posting those ads, sharing offers on social media, sending out emails and messages, basically get the word out in action.


Now you can get a team together and work on this yourself or you could hire some outside help. Whatever you do make sure whoever is handling the marketing for your product understands it good enough, cause after all if they understand the product they can market it better.




This is the age of digitalisation and we have yet to see its full potential. Digital Marketing is ever expanding and only time will tell what the future holds but for now, it is looking up.


In the next chapter we will talk about the types and means of Digital marketing in order to get a much larger understanding of its scope.

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